Segway Drift W1

item number:3802000
RRP  349.00 EUR
  • max. speed: 12 km/h
  • Net Weight: 3.5 kg (single e-Skate)
  • Dimensions: 291 x 162 x 121 mm (single e-Skate)
  • e-skates with self-balancing technology, easy to carry
  • Ambient head and tail lights with three light modes
  • Li-Ion Battery; 1,8 Kg; 44.4Wh 37,5 W; 3 hours charging time
  • Riding time: 45 minutes

Segway Drift W1

Infinite fun with infinite imagination!

Segway Drift W1 self balancing e-Skates are stylish, cool and fun to master. They weigh only 7 kg in total and are very easy to transport. Just get on and it will balance for you! You just have to drive and tilt with their weight. Segway Drift W1 is your new and stylish way to move and have fun! Two separate e-Skates offer you countless possibilities of use. The rubber buffers, front and rear, protect you in the event of an impact. Ambient light with three flashing modes. Lightweight and easy to carry.

After roller blading and inline skating, the Segway Drift W1 is a new way to move and have fun in an unprecedented way. Dare to stand out with stylish, cool and fun e-skates. Driving, turning, dancing or doing tricks: The possibilities to use the Segway Drift W1 are endless.


  • Top speed: 12 km/h
  • Weight: 3.5 kg (per skate)
  • Dimensions: 291 x 162 x 121 mm (per skate)
  • Balancing e-Skates, easy to transport
  • Rubber buffers protect front and rear in the event of an impact
  • Ambient light with three flashing modes
  • Stylish, cool and funny
  • Suitable for 6 years and older
  • We recommend the use with a helmet
  • Li-Ion battery; 1.8 Kg; 44.4Wh 37.5 W; 3 hours charging time
  • Up to 45 minutes of driving fun
  • Loadable up to max. 100kg
  • Water-repellent according to IP54

Move without effort!

Up to 12 km/h speed

The Segway Drift W1 can go up to 12 km/h fast and is therefore three times faster than a pedestrian. They move smoothly and offer maximum comfort when riding.

45 minutes of driving fun

Fully charged, you can use the Segway Drift W1 for 45 minutes. Guaranteed entertainment and endless fun.

Only 7 kg total weight

With a total weight of 7 kg, the Segway Drift W1 is easily portable and can be carried comfortably by hand or in a bag.

Front and rear ambient lighting

Don't go unnoticed wherever you go, with ambient light that has three lighting modes to suit your style.

Rubber buffers

Rubber buffers on the front and back protect your product.

Easy to transport

The elastic straps on the bottom of the product allow you to carry a pair comfortably in one hand.

Waterproof to IP54

Allows you to have fun in any weather.

Non-slip surface

Due to the rubberized base, you always have a secure hold.

Intelligent battery management system

The system ensures that no battery energy is wasted and overheating is eliminated.



The history of the SEGWAY brand begins in 1999 and since then has pursued the goal of innovating self-balancing systems. With the "Independence IBOTTM Mobility System" SEGWAY makes it possible to drive on uneven surfaces and to overcome elevations.

The name SEGWAY is derived from the musical word "Segue", which in the language of music describes a smooth transition.

SEGWAY transforms a person into a strengthened pedestrian and brings users forward faster and further. SEGWAY's e-mobility solutions offer a great variety for individual needs. Electric drives are SEGWAY's top priority and drive the brand. The products are innovative and pioneering in their technology and operation. The basis for this is the idea that it should be possible for everyone to move around environmentally friendly and in the long term with e-mobility solutions.

The E-Skates from SEGWAY are the latest technology of the brand. With the SEGWAY Drift W1, the type of locomotion is raised to a new level.

With SEGWAY you have an environmentally friendly alternative for short distances. Electromobility does not release any emissions during locomotion and is thus sustainably oriented and can also be used in buildings. SEGWAY increases the effectiveness of locomotion, supports energy saving and promotes the fun of e-mobility.


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