EGRET-TEN Stand board - black

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Standboard E-10 black

Colored standboard for the EGRET-TEN. It can be mounted on all models (EGRET-TEN V1, EGRET-TEN V2 and EGRET-TEN V3). Available in different colours.


The full cities, noise and exhaust pollution and the increasing deadline pressure were the starting points for the development of EGRET. EGRET stands for urban e-mobility as well as contemporary and sustainable answers to the individual needs of urban users.

With high-end mobility solutions, EGRET increases the independence, fun and flexibility of users and offers new ways of moving around in urban life with e-scooters. EGRET starts where other means of transport reach their limits. EGRET has developed various models for more individuality. For the all-rounders, EGRET offers the EIGHT V2 electric scooter. It is flexible, easy to handle, smart and the all-rounder among electric scooters. The EGRET TEN V3 offers a little more comfort. All EGRET e-scooters comply with safety standards. Oil brakes guarantee fast reaction. Front and rear lights ensure visibility in traffic.

The design of EGRET products is not only innovative and forward-looking, it is also easy to use. The EGRET scooters are ideal for short distances and for taking on public transport. The demand for sustainable solutions is therefore always both the focus and the driving force of the brand.

With EGRET's e-mobility scooters, you are optimally prepared for the challenges of the present and the future and are pioneering in the way you move around.


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