Dissatisfied with the electric vehicles currently on the market, Florian Walberg founded Walberg Urban Electrics in Hamburg in 2010. Our vision for the perfect vehicle is one that is well-designed, high-quality, flexible in use, and yet is still affordable. This is why we created the EGRET brand and have since been developing, producing and selling small, foldable electric scooters throughout Europe.

Starting point for our work is the urban situation: overcrowded cities, noise and air pollution, tight deadlines, time as precious resource. This leaves little room for joy – and the demand for mobility is increasing. Joy and enthusiasm are the focus in both our daily work as well as for the users of our products. We don’t view our efforts as only a means to an end. On the contrary, we want to put passion into everyday life with innovative products and creative ideas. We create products for urban mobility, providing our users independence, flexibility and fun.

The egret, a bird including several species of herons, was the inspiration for the EGRET brand name. Their fabulous elegance and their silent, gliding means of getting around are simply captivating. By regularly adapting to their changing habitat, they have proven to be extremely resilient. This is why we keep a close eye on trends and the needs of our customers and are constantly improving our products.  - Our products come in where other means of transport hit their limits.

Walberg Urban Electrics’ EGRET brand provides high-quality, contemporary and effective answers to the individual needs of urban mobility. We want to establish the means of transport of the future, which are easy and reliable to handle, economical to operate and yet still fun to use.

EGRET represents contemporary and forward-looking urban transport.

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